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Dr. Eric Gunnoe Joins PCP’s Board of Directors

On Saturday, March 9, the ECC Executive Board approved the nomination of Dr. Eric Gunnoe to the PCP Board of Directors, and it was approved unanimously. Welcome to the PCP Board, Eric! Below is a brief biography, written by Eric.

Virtual Conferences Highlighted Challenges, Growth, and Impact of Medical Ambassador Partnerships

At the beginning of 2024, the PCP Medical Ambassadors held three virtual conferences. The goal was to share their work […]

Honoring Craig Anderson

11/20/2023 Craig Anderson, PCP’s now former Director of Medical and Health Programs, retired on Nov. 10, 2023. We are thankful [...]

Medical Ambassadors Reach Significant Milestones with Congolese Partners

11/17/2023 In September 2023, Craig Anderson led a group of PCP Medical Ambassadors to DR Congo. This nine-person team (seven [...]

PCP Welcomes Phil Ditto, Director of International Medical & Health Programs

09/21/2023 Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) is pleased to announce that Phil Ditto has joined the PCP team as Director of [...]

What do dentistry, ultrasound, and maternal health have in common?

A nine-person team will be traveling to DR Congo from September 6-18. Our purpose is to train Congolese providers in techniques that will improve the medical and dental health of the 1.4 million people in the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM) health system. We will be training in three areas, ultrasound, dental care, and maternal health.

Covenant Church of Congo President Visits Chicago

Rev. Theophile Duale Langba, president of the Covenant Church of Congo, visited the denominational offices and shared his gratitude for [...]

Unexpected Grace

Grace Shim, Executive Minister of Serve Globally, visited the Covenant Church of Congo for the first time in March 2023, [...]

New Diabetes/Hypertension Curriculum in Development

For nearly a year now, a resource group of PCP Medical Ambassadors have been in discussion with their Congolese counterparts [...]

Karawa Pharmacy Fire Update

In July 2021, a lightning strike and ensuing fire completely destroyed the Karawa Hospital Pharmacy. The pharmacy included a regional [...]

Remembering Joann “Jody” LeVahn

On behalf of the Evangelical Covenant Church President, John Wenrich, Serve Globally (what Jody knew as Covenant World Mission), Paul [...]

FUPROCAF Held Inaugural General Assembly

FUPROCAF–Ubangi held its inaugural General Assembly as an official coffee cooperative in DR Congo on March 25, 2022! Over 50 [...]

PCP Medical Ambassadors Retreat Results In New Plans for 2022-2023

The PCP Medical Ambassadors met in March for their second in-person retreat to plan for the future of the PCP [...]

Addressing Severe Acute Malnutrition in DR Congo

In countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), major causes of child mortality are birth asphyxia (death within minutes [...]

Celebrating the Completion of Bridges Between Karawa and Bogose Nubea

Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP), the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM), and Hope International Development Agency have been partnering together for [...]

The Christian Nurses Association in Congo

The following story was written by The Christian Nurses Association in Congo and submitted to the Florence Nightingale 2021 website, managed [...]

Back to Congo

Dear Mission Friends, For the first time in 2 years, Paul Carlson Partnership and the Covenant Church of Congo connected [...]

Neonatal Deaths on the Decline

The CEUM Medical team has made gradual improvements over the past four years in decreasing the neonatal mortality rates from [...]

New Karawa Hospital Pediatric Ward Completed

The Karawa Hospital Pediatric Ward was completed February 24, 2021. The bed capacity increased from 18 to potentially 60 beds, which [...]

Bridges Give Life

Congolese engineers and many workers continue to construct a 9-bridge complex between Bogose Nubea and Karawa. During construction people are [...]

Karawa Coffee is Here!

The PCP team, Covenant Church of Congo, and partner Café Africa would like to thank all our ministry partners who [...]

Planning for 2021 Underway

In spite of Covid, the medical work continues for the doctors, nurses, and medical staff of the CEUM. Covid has [...]

Ophthalmology Training Begins

Our partners in Congo find themselves behind the rest of Sub-Sharan Africa in terms of eyecare. For the past three [...]

2nd Annual Medical Ambassadors Retreat A Success

The 2nd Annual Medical Ambassadors Retreat held in November 2020 was a unique experience as we met on Zoom. There were [...]

COVID-19 Confirmed in Ubangi Region

06/19/2020 Correction: The original story named Dr. Freddy Bale as the CEUM doctor who tested positive for COVID-19. We recently [...]

Coffee Futures

After years of conflict and harvest failure, producers in DR Congo are reclaiming a prosperous crop and building the church. [...]

April 24, 2020: COVID-19 Update in DR Congo

As of April 24, Congo has 25 deaths and 394 reported cases. The past five days have shown new cases steady. The virus has only been seen in Kinshasa and an adjoining province and three provinces in the east.

Kpoda’s Coffee Dreams

Ngandali remembers how her father once planted coffee. It wasn’t until she heard about the Karawa Coffee Project that she could start resupplying her land with the kinds of coffee plants she once knew in her childhood. 

We’re Cheering For Cherries

Two years after planting the coffee seedlings, coffee producers are now witnessing the first appearance of coffee cherries! Other highlights are…

April 8, 2020: COVID-19 Update in DR Congo

On March 24, 2020, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo declared a State of Emergency and issued a travel ban between provinces as at the time Kinshasa (the capital) had confirmed 48 cases. As of April 8, DR Congo has 180 known cases and 18 deaths.

A Message from Renée During This Time

03/25/2020 Dear Paul Carlson Partnership family, I have just returned from a few days of vacation to welcome our 6th [...]

Bridge Repairs Planned for Bogose Nubea Region

Bogose Nubea is a remote village of about 6,000 people and has a series of 12 log bridges and a half-kilometer causeway crossing the Nguya River and wetlands. Over half of the population use these log bridges as their connection to the west where the primary market, Bogose Nubea Hospital, schools, and churches are located.

2020 Medical Ambassadors Update

03/04/2020 Greetings and Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued interest, prayer and financial support of the Medical Ambassador [...]

A Wonderful Visit on PCP Sunday

On November 3, 2019, Renée Hale, executive director, was invited to attend PCP Sunday at Clairemont Covenant Church, long-time supporters [...]

For Future Generations – How to Host a PCP Sunday

PCP Sunday is November 3, 2019 The compelling story of missionary Dr. Paul Carlson, who died while serving the people [...]

Bogose Nubea Hospital Celebrates Its First Clean Water System

UPDATE: Clean Water is Flowing! 11/27/2019 Bonjour PCP, I am very pleased to write this note to inform you that [...]

Team BBC Raises Over $50,000 for the Congo Clinic Initiative

Pastor Dennis Carlson Faith Covenant Church Farmington Hills, Michigan Dear Friends, Thanks for your prayers, support and encouragement for our [...]

Remembering Dr. Kurt Lindquist

We are very saddened to share with you the passing of Dr. Kurt Lindquist on June 15, 2019. Kurt was [...]

A Mother’s Blessing

Jennifer Wolf | published April 16, 2019 | This story appeared in the spring 2019 issue of FlightWatch, MAF. “Mom, this [...]

Rehabilitating the Karawa Nursing Dorm

Ann Hagensen, the new President of PCP Medical Ambassadors, is passionate about supporting nursing students in DR Congo. Last summer, [...]

New President of PCP Medical Ambassadors Announced

In the fall of 2018, the MST (Medical Steering Team) of the PCP Medical Ambassadors voted Ann Hagensen to serve [...]

Time for a Coffee Break!

At the Midwinter Conference in January, the Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) team hosted a lunch for pastors and leaders to [...]

Medical Ambassadors Train in Wasolo For First Time, Bringing Karawa Nurses

In September, a small Medical Ambassador team from the U.S. traveled to Wasolo for the first time, bringing with them [...]

If The World Would Pay Attention

by Dr. Eric Gunnoe, Medical Ambassador It was Thursday afternoon and we had finished the hardest days.  We were now [...]

Salut Holistique: The Holistic Gospel

Since its inception over 50 years ago, Paul Carlson Partnership has remained committed to high impact medical and economic development [...]

Mission Accomplished for Team BBC in 2018!

{{ vc_btn: title=Give+Today&shape=round&color=warning&size=lg&align=center& }} In seven days, from July 26 to August 1, Team BBC/Brothers Biking for Congo rode 362 [...]

New Team Member Joins PCP

Paul Carlson Partnership is excited to announce the addition of a new team member, Bob Anderson. Bob has been part of the Covenant [...]

Bringing It Full Circle

by Flory Buki Manager of Sourcing and Contracting at Swedish Covenant Hospital, PCP Board Member, and PCP Medical Ambassador From May [...]

What Can A Bridge Help You Do?

Hope is alive in Congo! Take it from Mr. Kotake, an enterprising man who has built a private, water-driven mill [...]

Partners in Congo Not Affected by Recent Ebola Outbreak

(5/15/18) You may have heard of the Ebola outbreak in the northwest region, Equateur Province, of Congo this past week. New confirmed [...]

New PCP, CEUM Agreement Signed

On Friday, April 20, 2018, The Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) and the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM) joined in a [...]

Karawa Nurses Expand Pre-Eclampsia/Eclampsia Training

Part 2 of  "Will This Training Make a Difference?" Dr. Gado, the CEUM Medical Director,  provided PCP with a report that [...]

After 50 Years, Loko Hospital Celebrates and Continues to Grow

On March 20, 1968, four years after his death, Loko Hospital was dedicated in memory of Dr. Paul Carlson. 50 [...]

Loko Hospital Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry

On March 20, 1968, four years after his death, Loko Hospital was dedicated in memory of Dr. Paul Carlson. 50 [...]

Dedicating It All to God

In Congo, the Church has created a culture of gratitude for everything. You pause to pray together over your travels. [...]

Will This Training Make A Difference?

Part 1 of 2. Dr. Jim Walker, PCP Medical Ambassador The word that most often comes to my mind about [...]

Wonderful Celebration for Makanza Bridge Dedication

by Pete Ekstrand, ECC Missionary in DR Congo November 18, 2017, DR Congo   What a celebration the CEUM, community, [...]

Power of the Blood

On Tuesday, September 26, approximately 5:00pm, the wife of a CEUM (Covenant Church of Congo) pastor went into shock and [...]

Bamboo Bones

This past May, a three-member Emergency Medicine (EM) Medical Ambassador team from the Paul Carlson Partnership served six days in [...]

Team BBC Rides Again

8/25/2017 On July 31, our dear friends on Team BBC/Brothers Biking for Congo (Dennis Carlson, Ron Peterson, Rod Carlson, and [...]

Change Is Visible

Excitement is palpable in the village of Bogose Nubea. Through our partnership with the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM), and [...]

Being the Body of Christ

Hello PCP family, It is with joy that I bring you the news of the May 2017 PCP Team trip [...]

Filling the Gaps

How can we help one dentist in Congo change dental health from thousands of miles away? Slowly, over time, and […]

Women Lead the Way to Clean Water

Water is large part of many people’s lives in Congo. Every day, people wake up early to go to the [...]

Learning Together at GMCH

Happy Holidays! We want to wish you a very joyous Christmas season and provide you with an update on the [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Paul Carlson Partnership Ministry Family, Happy Thanksgiving! I am filled with thankfulness and joy to be greeting you this […]

PCP Welcomes Renée Hale as new Executive Director

We are excited to announce that Renée N. Hale has been named the new executive director of the Paul Carlson Partnership! […]

The Way to Clean Water

In almost every meeting we have with community leaders, doctors, and nurses in Congo, water issues take preeminence. Sadly, access […]

A Medical Ambassadors Update, at Long Last

by Craig Anderson, Director of Medical and Health Programs Hello Medical Ambassadors! I hope you have enjoyed the summer months. […]

“Brothers Biking for Congo” Team Raises Over $10,000

Dennis Carlson, associate pastor of Faith Covenant Church in Farmington, MI, and his brother, Rod Carlson, participated in the 420-mile […]

Refrigerators are Running

Refrigeration is an important element of rural healthcare in Congo for three main reasons. First, common vaccinations require refrigeration, and […]

The Whole Gospel in Congo

“My dream is for the holistic salvation of souls.” This is the vision President Jules Mboka has for the CEUM […]

Raising the Poles of Hope

A Zulu Dam Update 10.5 kilometers. 90 poles. 30 workers. 1 goal: power to Karawa. Over the last month and a half, a [...]

My First Trip to Congo

by Craig Anderson, Director of Medical and Health Programs At the end of March, I took my first trip to […]

Visiting Anne Marie

by Dr. Jim Walker, PCP Medical Ambassador Last year, we learned about Anne Marie Magolo Zuku, a nurse at the […]

Congo Son

By Liripa Floribert (Flory) Buki as told to Linda Sladkey | Photography by Edgar Torres This story first appeared in […]

Local Doctors Start New Center to Fight Malnutrition

DR Congo is bursting with life. Its rich forests are filled with fruits and roots that people have eaten for […]

Our Experience in Brussels after the Terrorist Bombings

by the CKC and PCP Team Many of you have asked about what the Covenant Kids Congo and Paul Carlson […]

Brothers Biking for Congo

Dennis and Rod Carlson 04/21/2016 For Pastor Dennis Carlson of Faith Covenant Church in Detroit, cycling is one of his [...]

Empowering Local Engineers to Build Bridges

An Economic Development Update James Fischer, Director of Economic Development, recently returned from a three week trip to Congo. While [...]

We welcome Tom Verdoorn!

Greetings! Over the past two years of service on the Paul Carlson Partnership Board I have witnessed the organization’s revitalization […]

An important message from Meritt

We are not powerless in the oppressive situations in which we feel caught. We are not bound to the reality we […]

Couples for Congo Dinner & Dance

Highrock Acton Covenant Church in Acton, MA recently held a dinner and dance as a fundraiser for their support of […]

Welcome Craig and Jacques!

PCP is pleased to announce two new staff members to the team. Now that these positions are filled, we are […]

Gbagu’s Boat

Some things seem impossible. Gbagu (pronounced Ba-goo) does not understand impossible. Gbagu owns a big boat, one that can transport […]

How to Install a Solar Panel

What does it take to install a solar panel? James Fischer, PCP’s Director of Economic Development, recently returned from Congo […]

Crisis of Confidence

Not Poverty. A Crisis of Confidence. I have been working in Africa for almost 30 years. I have been responsible […]

Richard and Delphine

Richard and Delphine want to say thank you. Last month, for the first time, Bobanganza clinic received solar light. Every […]

Christmas Ornament Party

Develop a Knowledgeable Heart for Congo This Christmas There are many ways to develop a knowledgeable heart for Congo! Life […]

Congolese Christmas

How does the Christmas story end? We certainly know how it begins. Picture the image of Jesus in the manger […]

Power Will Be Restored!

A Zulu Dam Update For years, PCP has been engaged in efforts to bring clean and sustainable electricity back to […]

Give Them a Voice

Pope Francis’ recent visit to Africa continues to prompt dialogue. Despite continued instability and outbreaks of violence in Congo’s neighboring […]

Light ’em up!

We are excited to report that 63 solar lighting systems have arrived at their final destination and are currently being […]

Stark Contrast

The string of lights sparkled across the Congolese field. “Mondele!” noted my host pointing to members of my team behind […]

When Healthcare Hurts

When Healthcare Hurts was the topic and a seemingly oxymoronic phrase. How can healthcare ever be hurtful? Yet this was […]

Not Just Paris

by Meritt Lohr Sawyer, Executive Director The haunting news of the ISIS attacks on Paris echo at every turn this […]

Bread & Jam

Dear Paul Carlson Partnership, We send greetings to you from Salem Covenant Church in Oakland, Nebraska, along with a question. […]


I live in California, currently the land of navy showers and crispy landscapes. For four years we have endured the […]

Not Pretty.

“Why is PCP building 108 clinics?” I am often asked. “Why not a nice round number like 100, or 110 […]

Solar Panels Arrive

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean and going through customs, the solar panels have arrived safely in Kinshasa, the capital of […]

Hurdles to Healthcare

When you are looking for a new physician, how do you find one? Most of us ask our friends and […]

Rural Nebraska Embraces Rural Congo

Mbote Baninga! (Hello Friends!) This is the story of how three rural Nebraska Covenant churches – Oakland, Wakefield, and Waverly […]

The Value of Light

With many urgent medical needs in Congo, why does solar lighting matter? While we must address the urgent needs, PCP […]

Caring for the Land

From James Fischer – Director of Economic Development When I travel to DR Congo, I generally end up visiting farms—rice, […]

True Wealth

Pastor Steve Bunyard, Local & Global Outreach Pastor at Rolling Hills Covenant Church, recently visited Congo with PCP. Rolling Hills is […]

Is This It?

Famine, war, disease, corruption! Is this all that Congo is? Looking in the news these days, you might think that […]

100% Pass National Exam!

18 students graduated from ITM Nursing School in Karawa last year, and all 18 passed their national exams! 100% of their […]

Building Bridges

What would happen if you couldn’t get to your hospital, work, or grocery store? If a vital road in your […]

Bringing Local Entrepreneurship to Life!

The hunger for change is growing in Congo. This is why Paul Carlson Partnership invests in entrepreneurship in Congo – […]

“Dr Paul, you are the only one remaining”

Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 15, By Mike Hertenstein A reporter wrote: “The Congo […]

“Thank you for not forgetting us”

From Ann Hagensen – Nursing Focus Group Co-Chair Easter prompts many of us to reflect upon the suffering, injustice and […]

Training Surgeons in Congo

March 23, 2015 The latest PCP Medical Ambassadors training team has returned from Congo! The stories of their experiences are […]

Kolona: To Plant

A message from James Fischer, Director of Economic Development Agriculture doesn’t just provide food; it is the primary source of […]

Transformation If…

A message from Meritt Lohr Sawyer, Executive Director Do you believe God will provide a just world? Stop for a […]

Entrepreneurship In Congo

Entrepreneurship in Congo And Farewell to Texa Dembele A message from James Fischer, Director of Economic Development It’s been such […]

60 Clinic Partners!

The response to the Congo Clinic Initiative has been overwhelming! Over 60 churches, groups, and families have committed themselves to […]

Proxy Wars

Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 14, By Mike Hertenstein Five centuries of European-world-domination were […]

40 Clinics!

40 Clinics Sponsored! Two months after the official launch of the Congo Clinic Initiative, we are celebrating 40 partners! Our […]

We Give Thanks

“I do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers”- Ephesians 1:16 Friends, We […]

Medical Ambassadors

Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 12, By Mike Hertensteinn Dr. Jim Walker had never […]

The Last Innocent Year

 Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 13, By Mike Hertenstein Paul Carlson stayed non-stop busy […]

The Congo Clinic Initiative

I met her at the hospital, cooking over a large pot at the outdoor kitchen. Her three-year old son had […]

The Horror

  Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 11, By Mike Hertenstein Joseph Conrad’s 1899 novel Heart of […]

Women Ministries

A personal story from Bonnie Stephens, Northbrook Covenant I was in the junior high when Paul Carlson was martyred.  I […]

The Monganga Paul Mark

A personal story from Pastor Rick Carlson   As an eight-year-old boy in 1964, the world was already upside down. […]

On the Grid

Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 10, By Mike Hertenstein In 1964, there were no phones […]

Let it Flow

Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 10, By Mike Hertenstein Pioneer ECC missionaries Dr. Wallace and […]

A brief overview of Covenant ministries in DR Congo, and the development of Paul Carlson Partnership.

11/01/2014 (originally written and published by the Covenant Companion) Pre-1960s 1935 The first four Covenant missionaries arrive in Africa. Axel Belander, [...]

En Memoire de Docteur Paul Carlson

Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 3, By Mike Hertenstein With independence in the Congo in […]


A personal story from friend, Joyce Fredrickson I have very special memories of Paul Carlson. When I was in nurse […]

Healing Heritage

Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 7, By Mike Hertenstein The first ECC Congo mission […]

New Church, New Friendship

A personal story from friend, Mary Nygren We first met Paul & Lois Carlson about 1956-57, when we moved to […]

Out of Darkness

Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 6, By Mike Hertenstein   The mythic imagination of Europe […]


A personal story from Mark Eastburg and father, John Eastburg. During the Korean War my dad was in the Navy, […]

teenage fun

A personal story from friend Paul Lindholm Here’s one memory about Paul Carlson from when he was a member of […]


  Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 5,  By Mike Hertenstein  Togetherness has a way of […]

Water Flows Again at Karawa Hospital!

By Paul Noren – ECC Missionary to Congo Imagine a hospital without water, paying women to carry water in seven […]

My Friend Paul

A personal story from Marvin Wickstrom, missionary to Congo 1948 – Illinois It was in the school year of 1948 […]

A Passion for the Impossible

Partners on the Journey: A Special 50th Anniversary Blog Series, Part 4  By Mike Hertenstein Over the next two years, […]

Can I Make a Difference?

A personal story from Julie Malyon, PCP Nursing Focus Group, Co-Chair Can I make a significant and meaningful contribution as a […]

The Call of a Lifetime

The story accelerates over the 1950s into 1960, “The Year of Africa,” when 17 African nations gained independence. In Upper […]

Journey With a Legacy

A personal story from Dan Johnson, associate pastor at Hilmar Covenant Church  I worked part time at the Paul Carlson […]

Not-So Forgotten

By Mike Hertenstein Deep in the African interior, American journalist Henry Morton Stanley “discovered” David Livingstone, the Scottish medical missionary. […]

50 Years of Serving Congo

On November 24th, 1964, Dr. Paul Carlson was martyred by Simba rebels in DR-Congo. Today, after 50 years of serving […]

Church History: Back to the Future

By Mike Hertenstein Fifty years ago this summer and fall there unfolded in Africa a story that held the world’s […]

Malaria and Muddy Roads

By Naomi Smith, RN I was the only RN working at Tandala Hospital in 1961 when we were without a […]

Wanted: Your Stories

For centuries, artists around the world have woven fibers together to become something more than the sum of their parts. […]

Congo Clinics: The Frontline

While we celebrate the successes of PCP and our partners in Congo, we also take a moment to reflect on […]

Father, Daughter Learn Paul Carlson Inspired Each Other Then Serve Together

By Stan Friedman RED WING, MN (July 23, 2014) — Julie Malyon, a nurse and director of a free medical [...]

Next Congo Medical Trip Focus: Surgery and Anesthesiology

March 22, 2013 Three volunteer doctors are gearing up for the next Paul Carlson Partnership medical mission trip to Congo, […]