Power of the Blood

On Tuesday, September 26, approximately 5:00pm, the wife of a CEUM (Covenant Church of Congo) pastor went into shock and was hemorrhaging after a miscarriage at home. She was brought to a clinic, but the clinic nurse decided his only option was to send her to Bogose Nubea Hospital, 18 km away (approx. 11 miles). The only means of available transportation was a bicycle.

After 2 kilometers of difficult travel and more blood loss, the Health Zone Administrator was returning by motorcycle from the dedication of the new Gilinga clinic. He saw the woman, stopped, and brought her quickly the rest of the way to the hospital.

Upon arrival, the woman continued to bleed. She was unconscious, and her blood pressure was undetectable. The medical team thought this was an incomplete miscarriage complicated by shock of hypovolemia (the lack of volume of blood in the body), and the treatment consisted of a blood transfusion, supplemented by a dilation and curettage. Typically, blood transfusions at Bogose Nubea Hospital were done through direct collection of blood from a family member. But the woman arrived at the hospital with less than two hours to live, and no family members to help. Fortunately, the hospital staff had a new life-saving option.

Thanks to the solar refrigerator donated by Paul Carlson Partnership, the hospital had stored blood to help during emergencies. Because of the stored blood, the staff was able to save her life!

The medical staff at Bogose Nubea would like to thank all the donors who give through PCP and the Covenant Church of Congo for the gift of refrigerators, “These are gifts of love and good faith, which help our people.”

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