Through partnership with our Congolese medical leaders, we identified points of greatest need and facilitated rural clinics to receive solar power for lights and refrigeration, improved structures, and began the journey into capping springs for clean water near each clinic.

You, our partners, faithfully joined us in this 5-year fundraising initiative to raise the standard of healthcare in rural village communities. And together, with God, we moved forward!

UCare4Congo builds on the success and momentum of CCI and invites you to participate as key partners who will catalyze the forward motion of raising the standard of healthcare in Congo in 2020 and beyond.

Our mission, together, is to restore health in rural Ubangi-Mongala communities through training, medical services, quality patient care, and improved infrastructure.

As the Clinic Initiative was ending, we asked ourselves,

What did PCP learn, and what did the CEUM medical leaders learn?

What stands our in this journey together that will inform our next steps?

Below is a glimpse into what we learned together that has lead us to UCare4Congo: partnering in holistic healthcare.

Based on the approach that working through village communities is the best way to realize long-term solutions that endure through generations, our partnership with the Covenant Church of Congo has yielded a long-term strategic direction which reflects the nature of our work together: partnering in holistic healthcare.

How does it work?

UCare4Congo supports the entire Covenant Church of Congo medical system, which includes training medical professionals, providing medicines and supplies, improved infrastructure, and quality patient care. Our partners can deepen their holistic gospel ministry of caring for the whole person and entire communities through UCare4Congo.

How can I get involved?

We invite you to give monthly to UCare4Congo
to ensure our partners can meet the greatest medical needs in their communities and build a healthier future for their children.

Make a 3 year pledge to invest in UCare4Congo.

Below are examples of what your pledge can do.

Latest Stories and Updates

The Christian Nurses Association in Congo

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Back to Congo

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Neonatal Deaths on the Decline

The CEUM Medical team has made gradual improvements over the past four years in decreasing the neonatal mortality rates from 5.5/1,000 live births to 2.7/1,000 [...]

New Karawa Hospital Pediatric Ward Completed

The Karawa Hospital Pediatric Ward was completed February 24, 2021. The bed capacity increased from 18 to potentially 60 beds, which is more than twice the [...]

Planning for 2021 Underway

In spite of Covid, the medical work continues for the doctors, nurses, and medical staff of the CEUM. Covid has not taken a toll in [...]

Ophthalmology Training Begins

Our partners in Congo find themselves behind the rest of Sub-Sharan Africa in terms of eyecare. For the past three years, the million plus people served by [...]

2nd Annual Medical Ambassadors Retreat A Success

The 2nd Annual Medical Ambassadors Retreat held in November 2020 was a unique experience as we met on Zoom. There were over 40 people from 13 [...]

COVID-19 Confirmed in Ubangi Region

06/19/2020 Correction: The original story named Dr. Freddy Bale as the CEUM doctor who tested positive for COVID-19. We recently learned that information was incorrect. [...]

April 24, 2020: COVID-19 Update in DR Congo

As of April 24, Congo has 25 deaths and 394 reported cases. The past five days have shown new cases steady. The virus has only been seen in Kinshasa and an adjoining province and three provinces in the east.

April 8, 2020: COVID-19 Update in DR Congo

On March 24, 2020, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo declared a State of Emergency and issued a travel ban between provinces as at the time Kinshasa (the capital) had confirmed 48 cases. As of April 8, DR Congo has 180 known cases and 18 deaths.