The Congo Clinic Initiative was a success!

The Congo Clinic Initiative launched in 2014 with
momentum in mind. Through partnership with our
Congolese medical leaders, we identified points of
greatest need and facilitated rural clinics to receive solar
power for lights and refrigeration, improved structures,
and began the journey into capping springs for clean
water near each clinic. You, our partners, faithfully
joined us in this 5-year fundraising initiative to raise the
standard of healthcare for rural village communities. And
together, with God, we moved forward!

In addition to lives saved, solar power installed, access to medicines, clinics built, and springs capped, we asked ourselves,

What stands out in this journey together that will inform our next steps?

What did PCP learn, and what did CEUM’s medical leaders learn?

Below is a glimpse into what we learned together that has lead us to UCare4Congo: partnering in holistic healthcare.

The Congo Clinic Initiative

UCare4Congo in 2020+

Based on the approach that working through village
communities is the best way to realize long-term
solutions that endure through generations, our
partnership with the Covenant Church of Congo has
yielded a long-term strategic direction which reflects
the nature of our work together: partnering in holistic

UCare4Congo builds on the success and momentum of
CCI and invites you to participate as key partners who
will catalyze the forward motion of raising the standard
of healthcare in Congo in 2020 and beyond.

Our mission, together, is to restore health in rural Ubangi-Mongala communities through training, medical services, quality patient care, and improved infrastructure.

How does it work?

UCare4Congo supports the entire Covenant Church of Congo medical system, which includes training medical professionals, providing medicines and supplies, improved infrastructure, and quality patient care. Our partners can deepen their holistic gospel ministry of caring for the whole person and entire communities through UCare4Congo.

• specialized professional trainings
• training water technicians
• training solar technicians
• nursing school support
• CHE village leadership
• supervision/management

• medicines and supplies
• refrigeration/freezers
• basic equipment
• reliable pharmaceutical supply chain
• operational support
• salaries
• vaccinations

• improving hospitals and patient facilities
• rebuilding clinics
• solar power
• clean water
• transportation

• increased hospital & clinic occupancy
• Community Health Evangelism (CHE)
• pastoral care
• benevolence care
• nutritional education for families
• improved efficiencies
• welcoming environment

We invite you to give monthly to UCare4Congo
to ensure our partners can meet the greatest medical needs in their communities and build a healthier future for their children.

Make a 3 year pledge to invest in UCare4Congo.

Below are examples of what your pledge can do.