Our Partners

The Communauté Évangélique de l’Ubangi-Mongala
(The Covenant Church of Congo, also known as the CEUM)

The mission of the CEUM is to reach lost for Jesus Christ and believes in the holistic gospel by empowering the community through education, health, and development. The CEUM consists of over 1.8 million members, 46 church regions, 1,714 parishes, 1,198 pastors, 551 evangelists, 4 Health Zones, 5 Hospitals, 75-120 clinics, 579 schools, and 5 development training centers. Paul Carlson Partnership works alongside the CEUM to improve healthcare and transform communities through economic development initiatives in the northwest part of Congo. The partnership between the CEUM and Paul Carlson Partnership has lasted over 50 years, and we are committed to walking alongside the CEUM as they restore this vast medical system to its pre-war days and beyond.

Loko Health Zone


Wasolo Health Zone


Karawa Health Zone


Bokada Hospital


Bogose Nubea Health Zone


36 Independent Clinics