For Future Generations – How to Host a PCP Sunday

PCP Sunday is November 3, 2019

The compelling story of missionary Dr. Paul Carlson, who died while serving the people of DR Congo, continues to foster engagement in medical, infrastructure, and economic development. On November 3, 2019 we invite you to share his story to all generations, and discover how our partners in holistic gospel ministry are transforming lives today.

We can help you plan a PCP Sunday:

  • Read the Steps for hosting a PCP Sunday
  • Fill out the PCP Sunday Form
  • Request the PCP Sunday Kit which includes liturgy, songs, bulletin inserts, videos, and kids’ activities
  • Request a PCP representative to speak at your church
  • Read the Paul Carlson story in your small groups
  • Raise support for a project
  • Set up a Congo Clinic Experience and learn more about medical challenges in Congo
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