Medical Ambassadors Reach Significant Milestones with Congolese Partners


In September 2023, Craig Anderson led a group of PCP Medical Ambassadors to DR Congo. This nine-person team (seven of whom had never been to DR Congo) trained Congolese providers in techniques that will improve the medical and dental health of the 1.4 million people in the Covenant Church of Congo health system. The training included dental care, ultrasound, and maternal health.

Dental Training

Dr. Dan Connors has been working with Dr. Jim Walker (current President of PCP Medical Ambassadors) for 10 years to provide dental training in DR Congo. In February 2023, Dan and Jim visited ITEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center), an organization which teaches dental extraction to eight people at a time, who have no dental or medical background. In one week, the students learn to pull teeth and each person pulls 30 teeth. They are also taught how to share their faith in Jesus.

As a result of their visit to ITEC, a team of four people joined Dan’s dentistry team on the trip: Dr. Craig Hunter, Julie Hunter, Dr. Edith Mwebe (from Kenya), and AJ Summerfield. ITEC also provided portable dental chairs and other supplies. Jim commented, ‘‘ITEC’s decision to partner with PCP to train dental extraction was orchestrated by God. Their philosophy mirrors our train the trainer approach, they sent great people who complemented and completed our team, and the fact that they completely financed their role in this training was very meaningful.’’

Seven Congolese nurses were trained to do dental extractions. The dental team also trained the only CEUM dentist, Dr. Daniel, to lead the dental program.
Dr. Edith Mwebe will return in a few months to check progress in person. The dental technicians have decided on a fair fee of 7 dollars per extraction, in order to purchase their disposable supplies, yet also make it affordable enough for the population.

Dan shared, ‘‘It was a huge blessing to be there with ITEC and the team from PCP. The dental team was successful in training eight Congolese to extract teeth. By day four, I did not touch a tooth! So awesome to see their enthusiasm to learn and willingness to jump right in with treatment. Armed with their new knowledge, four teams of two students from divergent areas of the CEUM health system will go out to extract painful teeth, at the same time sharing their faith in Jesus.’’

L-R: AJ Summerfield, Ross Lunderville, Dr. Matt Czechowicz, Dr. Dan Connors, Dr. Jim Walker, Dr. Craig Hunter, Dr. Edith Mwebe, Craig Anderson, and Julie Hunter.
The CEUM/PCP/ITEC Dental Team: Dr. Daniel Vonda (CEUM dentist), Dr. Dan Connors (PCP Medical Ambassador), Dr. Edith Mwebe, Dr. Craig Hunter, Julie Hunter, AJ Summerfield (all from ITEC)
AJ Summerfield training students about dental sanitation.
Julie Hunter training students about dental sanitation.


Ross Lunderville taught six Congolese physicians (including Dr. Deambi, Medical Director of Loko Hospital) how toperform ultrasound exams using new state of the art Butterfly Ultrasound machines (handheld portable systems with wands). His role was to train physicians (with limited ultrasound training) in how to use ultrasound in diagnosing their patients, which will enable doctors to make quicker diagnoses, improving quality of life and reducing infant mortality.

They had five days of intense training in the areas of obstetrics and gynecology, abdomen, thyroid, breast, and venous doppler to rule out blood clots. Ross said, ‘‘I saw smiles on their faces when they realized what ultrasound could image.’’ The extent to which these doctors appreciated the course was evident as Ross was urged to return next year for further training.

Ross Lunderville training Dr. Constant Zongalinga.

Maternal Health

When PCP Medical Ambassadors started teaching maternal health courses 10 years ago, DR Congo was the most dangerous place in the world to deliver a baby. Teaching this curriculum to our master trainers, who train other providers in the CEUM health system, has reduced infant deaths by 50% and maternal deaths by 78% over the last four years.

On this trip, Dr. Matt Czechowicz joined Dr. Jim Walker to train providers in the Bleeding After Birth Complete course. The course is designed to reduce maternal deaths caused by postpartum hemorrhage and uses the latest WHO recommendations. The first two days of training consisted of 15 students: 3 master trainers and 12 students, all of whom are current nurses or doctors from all five of the CEUM hospitals. This included the first student from Bumba, as well as two from Wasolo, all of whom had to travel two days by motorcycle to the training in Karawa. The next two days, the master trainers taught 12 students from Karawa using the same curriculum. On the final day, the team taught the Gestational Diabetes course to 12 more students, also all from Karawa.

Charlotte, who is one of the maternal health master trainers, had a painful tooth abscess complication the day the team arrived. Fortunately, Dr. Dan Connors extracted the tooth and she was able to teach Bleeding After Birth as planned. After the trip, Jim reflected on what hopes he has for the future of the partnership, ‘‘They work so hard in such extreme conditions to provide good care for their patients. We need to partner with God to help them achieve that goal.’’

Dr. Matt Czechowicz demonstrates safe birthing techniques using the MamaNatalie simulator. Marta Klein assisted with the training and translation.
Master Trainers in Maternal Health
Jim Walker sitting with the Master Trainers.
Dr. Jim Walker with the Maternal Health Master Trainers.

If you are curious about joining the PCP Medical Ambassador Program, contact us at or call (773) 907-3309. Donations toward the program can be made online at

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