Paul Carlson Partnership Sunday:
Remembering Dr. Paul Carlson and how your church can support Congo today.

PCP Sunday is November 7, 2021

On November 24th, 1964, Dr. Paul Carlson was martyred by Simba rebels in DR Congo.

Today, more than 50 years of serving Congo, we invite you to join us on November 7, 2021 and host a PCP Sunday at your church to remember the legacy of Dr. Paul Carlson and how you can support Congo today.

How to Host a PCP Sunday

We invite churches and groups to learn more about the Karawa Coffee Project!

We have developed several resources that can be used in virtual worship services and gatherings.

Use the PCP Sunday Kit, which includes a worship service, liturgy, and songs in Lingala.

Use the Karawa Coffee Project 3-Part Lesson for Children

Through discussion, exploration, and hands-on activities (can be done at home, too!), students will understand why the Karawa Coffee Project is so important: to reduce extreme poverty, enhance food security, and build the economy.

Choose one of our Karawa Coffee videos to play during your PCP Sunday Service.

Set up an offering to give to the Karawa Coffee Project.

Serve Karawa coffee!

Let us know if you would like a PCP representative to speak at your church, meet with the missions team, or give a brief update. We can join you virtually, too!

We have several people available:

  • Renée Hale, Executive Director
  • Bob Anderson, Partner Engagement Representative
  • Craig Anderson, Director of Medical and Health Programs
  • Rebecca Dangel, Director of Partner Communications
  • Kisumba Kamulenge, Executive Director of Café Africa
  • President of the Covenant Church of Congo, President Rev. Jules Mboka
  • Paul Carlson Partnership Board Members

Read the Paul Carlson story with your small group about 2-3 months in advance. You can also order the Monganga Paul DVD.

Monganga DVD – Contact Us to Order

Read More Stories about Congo

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