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Medical Ambassadors Program

What is a PCP Medical Ambassador?

A PCP Medical Ambassador is a compassionate, dedicated medical professional volunteer investing their skills in service to Congo.

The Medical Ambassador program seeks to come alongside our partners in Congo for lasting change. We believe in training-the-trainers and learning from our Congolese medical colleagues who are experts in their field. Though they may not have the same resources, they are highly capable and experienced in caring for the people in their communities. Our goal is to come alongside in support and be transformed.


Testimonies from Congo

Astrid Wombalando, nurse, received the Helping Babies Breathe training course. She is now a Master Trainer and travels to train other nurses in life-saving skills. 

Ann-Marie Zuku, a nurse at the IPOK clinic in Gemena, DRC, received a training called “Helping Mothers Survive: Bleeding After Birth.” 

"When western doctors visit, they can treat people, but they will go home. However, through training, we can improve our skills and we can care for our own people."

Trips to Congo

Medical Ambassador teams travel to Congo several times per year to build relationships, meet with their medical colleagues, and train in specific skills and procedures. Not every volunteer will travel to Congo; we have opportunities for volunteers to support the work from home.

Ways to Give


PCP Medical Ambassadors

A key element to changed lives is the PCP Medical Ambassadors “training of the trainers” approach, which trains and equip local doctors and nurses in specific skills.

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PCP Medical Ambassadors Training Supplies

The PCP Medical Ambassadors research and procure training materials, supplies, medicines, and equipment that is appropriate for resource-limited contexts and highly skilled teams. These materials are often expensive. Support our training supply fund to help provide these necessary items.


PCP Medical Ambassadors Travel Fund

Support the costs of PCP Medical Ambassadors who travel to DR Congo to build relationships, meet with their medical colleagues, and train in specific skills and procedures.

How to Join Us

If you are a student, currently in practice, or retired, and have always wondered how you can use your training in international service, this program is for you! Get in touch with us to find out how you can get involved.

Read more about our partners, methods, and values in our booklet.

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Director of Medical and Health Programs
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Medical Ambassador Stories

Our Medical Ambassadors are dedicated to working alongside their Congolese colleagues to learn, grow, and support the work in Congo. Here are a few stories of their experiences and challenges along the way. To receive these stories by email, sign up for our newsletter!

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