Stark Contrast

The string of lights sparkled across the Congolese field.

“Mondele!” noted my host pointing to members of my team behind each of the flashlights forming this beautiful constellation, but Congolese villagers do not own lights, flashlights, or any other kind. The absence of light in Congo stands in stark contrast to the illumination of ubiquitous light that bathes us in the west. Simon Linwolo solar panel pic #3Upon entering a room, our first unconscious action is the flip of a switch with one habitual motion. This light inaugurates a morning devotional, illuminates a walkway, prevents a wrongful step on the stairs, and adds brilliance to our offices, stores, and streets. We can view entire shimmering American cities from a plane. In contrast, when flying over Congo, one sees an endless sea of darkness.

01 AtticIn Congo, light is more than illumination. Hospitals and clinics with established lighting draws people. Even with medical staff and supplies, sick people will not seek care from a dark, poorly equipped clinic. Providing lights at clinics distinguishes them as professional centers and dramatically increases the number of patients who would use them. Light is essential!

Just as we were able to form a constellation of lights into the dark Congolese field, we also have the opportunity to bring life-changing light to the Congolese people. As part of PCP’s Congo Clinic Initiative, we are committed to bringing solar lighting to the clinics in Equateur Province.

We, the Church, are the human agency of God’s work in the world. Join us to reduce the staggering toll on human life in Congo. Together, we can raise the standard of healthcare in this part of God’s Kingdom. Join us!

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