PCP Welcomes Phil Ditto, Director of International Medical & Health Programs


Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) is pleased to announce that Phil Ditto has joined the PCP team as Director of International Medical and Health Programs, effective Monday, September 18. With the pending retirement of Craig Anderson, current director of medical and health programs (separate announcement forthcoming) there will be ample opportunity for the two to connect over the next several weeks for Phil’s orientation to PCP.

Phil and his family live in the Knoxville, Tenn. area where he is completing a Master of Arts in Anthropology and anticipates graduation in December 2023. He is also a candidate for the Master of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

Phil served in the United States Army as a flight medic, ICU nurse, and staff NCO for over 6 years. His combined love for people and experience as a paramedic and disaster response leader, has equipped him with gifts and skills in medical practices, strategic planning, and team building. Phil is an active volunteer with Team Rubicon and received the Spirit of Service Award in 2023. He and his family are active in their local church, and Phil has enjoyed helping plant churches in international settings.

From Phil: ”Hello! I am both proud and honored to be the incoming Director of International Medical and Health programs for the Paul Carlson Partnership. My wife Tasha and I, along with our daughters Kaitlyn and Abby, give thanks to God for blessing us with opportunities to serve His kingdom. I am both thankful and in awe of the work that Craig Anderson has done for the PCP and the people of the DRC. I am looking forward to joining this amazing team and serving God’s people.”

Phil holding a survivor of a massacre in Bucha, Ukraine. Phil lead a World Health Organization Emergency Medical Team from March to April 2022.
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