Dedicating It All to God

In Congo, the Church has created a culture of gratitude for everything. You pause to pray together over your travels. You give thanks and pray over your new vehicle. You pray for every meal. You pray before every business meeting. You pray for those who are sick. You have dedication ceremonies when a bridge is repaired, a refrigerator to store blood is installed, or a new clinic is built. The Covenant Church in Congo recognizes that God is involved in all aspects of life: physical, spiritual, and emotional. Their ministry is holistic because God is at work in all aspects of life!

Through the Congo Clinic Initiative, our partners are doing amazing work. The medicines, solar equipment, salaries, etc., have all helped to raise the standard of healthcare. And sometimes, clinics need to be rebuilt. For quite some time, the Gilinga Clinic, in the Bogose Nubea Health Zone, had continual issues with the thatch roof caving in and causing leaks. The medical leaders determined it was in such bad condition that it was necessary to rebuild the entire clinic and install a tin roof with funds from the Congo Clinic Initiative. After several months of construction, the clinic was finally finished in the fall of 2017!

The Church recognized this was no small feat. Dedicating the clinic to God and celebrating the new clinic with government officials, church leaders, medical staff, and the local villages was important in recognizing the hard work and thanking God for the newly built clinic that will help so many people. In September 2017, the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM) celebrated with great joy the dedication of the newly built Gilinga Clinic. Government officials, CEUM leadership, CEUM medical directors, Craig Anderson (PCP Medical Director), and a large crowd attended the celebration with prayer, singing, and dancing, giving thanks to God.

At PCP, we give thanks for our partnership with the CEUM and to our donors for giving generously through the Congo Clinic Initiative! Thank you!

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