Covenant Church of Congo President Visits Chicago

Rev. Theophile Duale Langba, president of the Covenant Church of Congo, visited the denominational offices and shared his gratitude for our long partnership in ministry.

Mbote, Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) friends! 

Spring has been a season of travel, retreat, and welcoming Reverend President Duale and his wife, Josephine, from the Covenant Church of Congo to Chicago. After Renée and Craig each traveled to DR Congo in February and March respectively, the PCP staff and PCP Medical Ambassadors joined together for an in-person retreat in April, to celebrate God’s provision and consider plans for the upcoming two years. In May, PCP was thrilled to welcome President Duale and Josephine for a week in Chicago, specifically for our May 12-13 Board of Directors meeting. They had been waiting for over a year to obtain visas and confirm their trip! President Duale serves as an advisory PCP Board member in his role of President and Legal Representative of the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM). 

Everyone enjoyed celebrating the Duales’ arrival in Chicago at Covenant Offices. Thanks to Serve Globally and many other Covenant staff for a beautiful event. ECC President Tammy Swanson-Draheim welcomed President Duale and Josephine, followed by an uplifting program of more encouraging welcome messages, worship in song, and a fellowship meal together. (Read the article on CovNews)

President Duale brought many encouraging and helpful insights to the Board throughout our 2 days together. He expressed deep gratitude for PCP’s partnership of nearly 60 years. He emphasized,  “PCP is a rare, precious entity – that our love for God, for the CEUM, and for the people of Congo has endured throughout decades and shows that our partnership is strong.”  

We would have been thrilled if you, our PCP family of supporters, could have met President Duale and Josephine. They are a dear couple who are called by God to serve in the highest leadership role of the Covenant Church of Congo. They serve with love and grace, and we are indeed blessed to partner with them and the entire CEUM. 

Grace and Peace to you, 


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