The Congo Clinic Initiative

Woman_CommittedI met her at the hospital, cooking over a large pot at the outdoor kitchen. Her three-year old son had been admitted for diarrhea. Their village was almost eight miles away. The only way to transport the unconscious child to this hospital was to strap the child to the mother’s back on a bicycle so she could get him to the closest treatment.

There is a clinic in their village. But the clinic does not have clean water. Nor does it have electricity to run a refrigerator for vaccines. Nor does it have the IV bags essential to treat the child’s dehydration.

Diarrhea is the second leading cause of childhood mortality in the developing world. 20% of children in Congo die by the age of five from easily preventable diseases such as these. No parent should have to bury a child because of diarrhea.

How can we make a difference? 

By making sure these children have access to life-saving medical care. 

At Paul Carlson Partnership, we are working tirelessly to bring essential resources to the 108 local village clinics through the Congo Clinic Initiative. You can equip a clinic to operate for a year and provide it with first-time solar electricity.  You can provide a dependable stream of medicines and supplies. You can equip a village nurse with training.

This year we are commemorating Paul Carlson’s martyrdom 50 years ago, and the ministry he inspired. In his memory and for the people he served, we are seeking to make a collective, high-impact investment in all 108 clinics. Join us! Be one of the 108 to support an entire clinic, or provide a portion of what is required:

  • Support a Whole Clinic*            $10,000
  • Sustainable Solar Energy          $5,000
  • Pharmacueticals for a Year       $1,200
  • Operations for a Year                  $750
  • Medical Supplies for a Month    $150
  • Training Course for a Nurse       $60

The needless human toll is staggering and access to medical care impedes treatment.

Together, we will make a difference!


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