PCP Medical Ambassadors Retreat Results In New Plans for 2022-2023

The PCP Medical Ambassadors met in March for their second in-person retreat to plan for the future of the PCP Medical Ambassadors program. We determined that by the end of 2022,  Ann Hagensen, President, had made a significant impact on the work of the program and deserved a break. Ann initiated the two in-person and two virtual retreats over the past few years. She also helped create the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM) Medical Department, and helped form new ad hoc Resource Groups that focus on specific trainings and curriculum development. In addition, the number of people actively engaged with the Medical Ambassadors program during her time have nearly doubled. Dr. Jim Walker was chosen as the next President of the PCP Medical Ambassadors program, which will begin at the conclusion of Ann’s time in December 2022.

The retreat provided time to begin two new aspects of the program that will be part of our 2022 focus with our Congolese counterparts:

  1. focus on providing a system to coordinate ongoing supplies and materials for the past courses taught by the Ambassadors; how best to provide the literature and minor equipment and materials so that the implementation of those courses become a reality throughout the system;
  2. the need to establish a recertification process, educating new staff members, and the creation of training as an ongoing part of the entire CEUM health system. 

With the expanding opportunities in Congo, the Ambassadors plan to invite others to join them in resource procurement, course development, research, or fundraising/telling the story. Certain grants were discussed as opportunities as well. A small amount of time given by many volunteers can result in some major changes in the health of the Congolese. Over the past five years the CEUM has seen a 50% reduction in infant mortality and 78% in maternal mortality!

If you would like to make a difference in the health of our friends and colleagues in DR Congo, connect directly with Craig Anderson or Ann Hagensen.

Craig Anderson
Director of Medical & Health Programs
Paul Carlson Partnership
(317) 201-6555

Ann Hagensen
President, PCP Medical Ambassadors

Save the Date for the next PCP Medical Ambassadors Retreats:

Virtual: November 12, 2022
In-Person: April 14-16, 2023
More details soon.

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