Wanted: Your Stories

vaccine_squareFor centuries, artists around the world have woven fibers together to become something more than the sum of their parts. Though often relegated to museums,  tapestries hang ready to tell a story to anyone who will stop and look. Stories of bravery, relationship, loss and hope that might not otherwise have anything in common are all joined by the threads that create the entire piece.

There are many ways to commemorate such an extraordinary event as this 50th anniversary of the death of Paul Carlson. Of these, Paul Carlson Partnership has chosen to celebrate story by collecting stories and weaving them together with our common thread: Paul Carlson.


Will you share your story with us? Did you know Paul Carlson? Has your life been affected by PCP? We want to hear from you! The threads of this tapestry will be short and long, brightly featured or bolstering the background, and they are all important.

Please send your stories to us! We will edit these stories and use them in various ways throughout the year. Pictures are welcome, too!

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