Bogose Nubea Hospital Celebrates Its First Clean Water System

Last Friday we received a very encouraging email from our friend, Gaspy Zongalinga, who is involved with developing and installing a new water well and distribution system at Bogose Nubea Hospital. This system was developed through a collaboration with our medical partners in the CEUM, water engineers (Trésor, Mambo, Mozart, and Gaspy), and the CECU drillers. After CECU drills the well, Gaspy will install a solar pump, a holding tank, and will run lines to 2-4 sites to the Hospital, Maternity Ward, Pediatric Ward, and one for the general population. His message is below:

Dear PCP,

I am very happy to inform you that we officially launched the drilling work today. The CEUM leaders and pastors, medical leaders, community leaders, and the general population attended the ceremony. 

The people in Bogose were very happy to attend the long-awaited ceremony that will give access to drinking water to the population. The ceremony address was given by Rev. CEUM Vice-President Jacques Vungbo. He preached from the Gospel of John 4:1-12. The theme was “Jesus Christ is the water of life.”

Drilling the well will begin on Monday because the vehicle carrying the water tank experienced a breakdown along the way.

My greetings to all of you.

God bless you,
Project Manager

UPDATE: Drilling Was Successful

Gaspy Zongalinga reported today that the drilling was successful! His message and photos are shown:

Dear PCP,

I am delighted with the fact that the water drilling project in Bogose Nubea has become a reality. We managed to catch the groundwater at the depth of 42 m and the water column at 19 m. At the moment we are in the development department, so the work will finish next week. We give thanks to God because the work is progressing very well despite the delay before the implementation of the project.

I sincerely thank you, 

Project Manager

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