Bamboo Bones

This past May, a three-member Emergency Medicine (EM) Medical Ambassador team from the Paul Carlson Partnership served six days in the small village of Loko, located in the far northwest Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Their goal? To support Congolese doctors and nurses with a systematic approach to implement, monitor, and maintain a highly effective emergency medicine practice. Working beside the Congolese physicians and nurses at Loko Hospital, the team provided the first of three training modules with a systematic approach to implementing such care. This training will be followed by equipping them with training materials to bring this program [...] Read More

Change Is Visible

Excitement is palpable in the village of Bogose Nubea. Through our partnership with the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM), and with generous gifts and a long-term commitment from Crossview Covenant Church in North Mankato, Minnesota, changes at the Bogose Nubea Hospital are visible. A new staff house has been built, and solar lighting is up and running in the office, staff house, pharmacy, and throughout the hospital. A new pharmacy has been established and a nutrition center is helping families fight malnutrition. Developing clean water solutions is also underway. But amid this excitement and activity, the doctors didn't forget about [...] Read More

Being the Body of Christ

Craig, Becky, Renee, Rev. Dole, and Tom at the CEUM offices in Gemena Hello PCP family, It is with joy that I bring you the news of the May 2017 PCP Team trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo! Renée, Becky and Craig, along with the PCP Chairman of the Board, Tom Verdoorn, traveled to the DR Congo May 13–26, 2017. Thank you for your undergirding prayer support as we traveled and worked with our Congolese partners. We spent our first few days meeting with the Covenant Church of DR Congo’s leadership team in Kinshasa. This set a good tone [...] Read More

Filling the Gaps

How can we help one dentist in Congo change dental health from thousands of miles away? Slowly, over time, and with a strong focus. Some of our Medical Ambassadors are currently in this process with Dentist Sweke, the only trained dentist at Karawa Hospital. Three years ago, Dr. Jim Walker was in a meeting with our Congolese counterparts and heard them say that the entire region had practically no dental care. They only have a handfull of dentists for 3-4 million people. With no electricity and the principle procedure being full extraction, there had to be a better way. With some […]

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Women Lead the Way to Clean Water

Water is large part of many people’s lives in Congo. Every day, people wake up early to go to the nearest water source, often many miles away. This is especially the case for women and girls. Usually water is collected from a stream or river with murky but flowing water. Many communities have built small reservoirs in an attempt to make the water collection process easier, but this water is rarely clean. Animals use the water source, too, and spread disease. People sometimes bathe in the water source, not realizing they are contaminating the drinking water. Most of the communities supported [...] Read More

Learning Together at GMCH

Happy Holidays! We want to wish you a very joyous Christmas season and provide you with an update on the recent conference a group of Medical Ambassadors attended in November. Nineteen PCP Medical Ambassadors attended the 2016 GHMC in Louisville, KY. Pictured left to right: Jim Walker, Dan Connors, Eric Gunnoe, Jerry Oliaro, Sandra Gutkenecht, Paul & Sheryl Noren, Ann Hagensen, Craig Anderson, and Karen Goeke.  Not pictured: Flory Buki, Loyd & Kristin Jenkins, Julie Malyon, Min Song, Nathan & Kristen Stockcamp, Jeni Whitaker, and John Whittington. Craig: From November 10-12, nineteen Ambassadors gathered together at the Global Missions Health [...] Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Paul Carlson Partnership Ministry Family, Happy Thanksgiving! I am filled with thankfulness and joy to be greeting you this week as the new Executive Director. The PCP team has welcomed me in style!  And, what an amazing first week here at the Evangelical Covenant Church offices. The warm welcome continues to be beyond any I have ever experienced. The organization and facilitation of my orientation activities has been stellar. I have been blessed with the staff’s availability to meet with me and teach me all that we could squeeze into the hours that we had! Becky, James and Craig […]

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PCP Welcomes Renée Hale as new Executive Director

We are excited to announce that Renée N. Hale has been named the new executive director of the Paul Carlson Partnership! Renée and her husband, Jeff, served as missionaries in West Africa for 14 years and are fluent in French. During her missionary service, she facilitated indigenous worship, planted churches, trained church planters, and gave strategic direction and supervision to church planting teams and support staff in six West African countries. Hale earned a doctorate in strategic leadership from Regent University. She is the co-founder and lead consultant for WellSpirit Consulting Group, which has served businesses and organizations that focus on […]

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The Way to Clean Water

In almost every meeting we have with community leaders, doctors, and nurses in Congo, water issues take preeminence. Sadly, access to clean water remains a major problem. Most of Congo’s common childhood sicknesses could be avoided if children were drinking clean water. This is a problem that has no simple fix. Though it is possible to improve existing water sources and create new ones so that people have access to clean water, doing this rarely has sustainable outcomes. Pumps break and go un-repaired. Clean water gets contaminated. And, sometimes, people simply prefer their old water sources. This tends to be […]

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A Medical Ambassadors Update, at Long Last

by Craig Anderson, Director of Medical and Health Programs Hello Medical Ambassadors! I hope you have enjoyed the summer months. We at PCP have been traveling, some of us to Congo, some church visits in the States, some to the ECC Annual Meeting and Triennial events, and squeezing in a few days of vacation. Now that the summer is winding down, at long last we have another update for you regarding Medical Ambassador trips, clinic improvements, and a new CEUM Medical Director.   Unexpected Canceled Trips At the end of May, I unexpectedly left for Congo by myself. This was […]

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