is the #1 way to reduce childhood deaths in DR Congo

Preventing illness and death starts at the source. Support our partners to develop 33 clean water sources by the end of 2020.


Congolese medical professionals tell us that clean water = healthy people. Water borne illnesses, dysentery, dehydration, and death are greatly reduced when clean water sources are available. Through the Congo Clinic Initiative, 9 clean water sources have already been established through our partnership with local villages in DR Congo!

  • $10,000 per capped spring

    Fresh springs are one of the most effective ways to collect clean water. With high water tables in Congo, natural springs run out of the sides of hills or bubble up through the ground. Pipes are placed back into the source to capture the water supply before it reaches the surface. This is called spring capping. By the community’s involvement in the solution, the people will take ownership and care of the water source on a long-term basis.

  • Approximately 1,000 people per village

    A clean water source near a clinic will be closer to where many people live.

  • Realistically, about 3 villages and 1 clinic will use the water source.

    That's 3,000 people with access to clean water! Clinics will also benefit, as they will need the water to treat patients and sanitize their equipment.


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African Clapping Game

First Aid Kit Activity

Congo Christmas Ornaments

Water Relay Race

2018 CCI Update

Gilinga Clinic Dedication Ceremony

Message from President Mboka


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Fundraising for the Congo Clinic Initiative can be really fun!
Check out the creative ways many clinic sponsors have raised support for the clinics in Congo.

Team BBC (Brothers Biking for Congo)

A Wonderful Visit on PCP Sunday

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Team BBC Raises Over $50,000 for the Congo Clinic Initiative

Pastor Dennis Carlson Faith Covenant Church Farmington Hills, Michigan Dear Friends, Thanks for your prayers, support and encouragement for our Fourth Annual Brothers Biking for [...]

Mission Accomplished!

In seven days, from July 26 to August 1, Team BBC/Brothers Biking for Congo rode 362 miles through Michigan, raising over $10,000 for rural health [...]

“Brothers Biking for Congo” Team Raises Over $10,000

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