Congo Clinic Initiative: Updates and Resources

Develop a Knowledgeable Heart for Congo

Thank you for being a committed partner to the Congo Clinic Initiative!

We are so thankful for your financial support, prayers, and interest in Congo. Our ultimate hope is for each person to develop a knowledgeable heart for Congo. That’s why we provide resources for you to learn, grow, and be transformed through this partnership. Please feel free to use these resources in your family, your church, your organization, and with your circle of friends.

Merci mingi! Thank you!

Congo Clinic and Hospital Map

CCI Intro Video

CCI Quarterly Newsletter

The CCI Quarterly Newsletter is our main way to send you stories about our partners, updates about CCI projects, and ways to develop a knowledgeable heart for Congo in your family, church, or organization. Feel free to download the resources below.

The Congo Clinic Experience

Build a Congo clinic at your church so your congregation can experience what it is like for a Congolese family to receive medical care in Congo.

Click here for the resources and video.


CCI Church Bulletin Inserts

The CCI Update Church Bulletin Inserts are shorter versions of the CCI Quarterly Newsletter. They are a half sheet of paper (5.5 x 5.8) double-sided. Feel free to download and print for your congregation!

CCI PowerPoint

Show your church how your support is making a difference in Congo. Includes music! Click here to download.

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