Time for a Coffee Break!

At the Midwinter Conference in January, the Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) team hosted a lunch for pastors and leaders to learn about a new opportunity [...] Read More

Raising the Poles of Hope

A Zulu Dam Update 10.5 kilometers. 90 poles. 30 workers. 1 goal: power to Karawa. Over the last month and a half, a massive combined effort has led [...] Read More

Gbagu’s Boat

Some things seem impossible. Gbagu (pronounced Ba-goo) does not understand impossible. Gbagu owns a big boat, one that can transport up to 12 tons of […]

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Power Will Be Restored!

A Zulu Dam Update For years, PCP has been engaged in efforts to bring clean and sustainable electricity back to Karawa Hospital by restoring the Zulu […]

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Caring for the Land

From James Fischer – Director of Economic Development When I travel to DR Congo, I generally end up visiting farms—rice, peanut, corn, palm, coffee, tea, […]

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Building Bridges

What would happen if you couldn’t get to your hospital, work, or grocery store? If a vital road in your town was unusable because a […]

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