Raising the Poles of Hope

A Zulu Dam Update 10.5 kilometers. 90 poles. 30 workers. 1 goal: power to Karawa. Over the last month and a half, a massive combined effort has led [...] Read More

Congo Son

By Liripa Floribert (Flory) Buki as told to Linda Sladkey | Photography by Edgar Torres This story first appeared in the Covenant Companion. It was […]

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We welcome Tom Verdoorn!

Greetings! Over the past two years of service on the Paul Carlson Partnership Board I have witnessed the organization’s revitalization led by Meritt Sawyer, its […]

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Gbagu’s Boat

Some things seem impossible. Gbagu (pronounced Ba-goo) does not understand impossible. Gbagu owns a big boat, one that can transport up to 12 tons of […]

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How to Install a Solar Panel

What does it take to install a solar panel? James Fischer, PCP’s Director of Economic Development, recently returned from Congo with this amazing step-by-step report […]

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