With 50 years of legacy experience, Paul Carlson Partnership serves medical and economic development in DR-Congo. We partner with Congolese leadership, investing in local ownership for long term sustainable change. Our impact is multiplied through micro-finance and Medical Ambassadors “Training of the Trainers” method. Churches, medical professionals, business and micro-finance professionals, and passionate volunteers join us in a variety of ways. Together we raise the standard of healthcare, support local businesses, and equip better livelihoods in the poorest region of the poorest country in the world.


We’re Hiring!

PCP is hiring a Director of Medical Development. Learn more and share here.


The Congo Clinic Initiative

Seeking 108 partners for 108 clinics. Together we can raise the standard of healthcare in Congo! More here…

Partnering with Congolese Leadership

Paul Carlson Partnership works collaboratively with Congolese professionals to assist and support the priorities of their leadership. Our Medical Ambassadors equip, inspire confidence, and step aside to take on supporting roles.


Multiplying Impact Through Training of the Trainers

Through relational, contextually appropriate, and strategically focused partnerships, western medical professionals lend their expertise and work alongside their medical counterparts in the Congo who train others.


50 Years of Legacy Experience

Since 1964, our mission has been to catalyze the growth of self-sustaining families and communities in places of deep poverty. Working with Congolese partners, we invest in medical, economic, and infrastructure development.


Relational Investing in Local Ownership

Through our unique microfinance program, the Paul Carlson Partnership works with family farmers by equipping and connecting them to local markets, fueling the opportunity for long-term sustainability in the region.


What is PCP?

In the five decades since Paul Carlson Partnership was founded, the Congo has experienced ongoing war and unrest. Exploitation and conflict have sadly become a way of life. Through it all, PCP has stayed the course with medical and pharmaceutical support, microfinance investments, and operational support of the local CEUM (Covenant) leadership.

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