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Dear Mission Friends, For the first time in 2 years, Paul Carlson Partnership and the Covenant Church of Congo connected again in person in DR [...] Read More

Bridges Give Life

Congolese engineers and many workers continue to construct a 9-bridge complex between Bogose Nubea and Karawa. During construction people are crossing on temporary footbridges which [...] Read More

Bridge Repairs Planned for Bogose Nubea Region

Bogose Nubea is a remote village of about 6,000 people and has a series of 12 log bridges and a half-kilometer causeway crossing the Nguya River and wetlands. Over half of the population use these log bridges as their connection to the west where the primary market, Bogose Nubea Hospital, schools, and churches are located.

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Building Bridges

What would happen if you couldn’t get to your hospital, work, or grocery store? If a vital road in your town was unusable because a […]

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