is the #1 way to prevent childhood death in DR Congo.

Preventing illness and death starts at the source.
Support our partners to develop 33 clean water
sources near rural clinics by the end of 2020.

Or Give to One of Our Congo Programs

Giving to Paul Carlson Partnership is easy!

Here's how:

  1. Give online with a credit card (Visa, MC, or Discover) by clicking on one of the donation options below.
  2. Send a check made out to Paul Carlson Partnership and mail to:
    Paul Carlson Partnership
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  3. Sign up for monthly giving through your bank account. It is the least expensive way to donate! Just download this form, fill it out and include a voided check, and mail it back to us.

Where Most Needed

By giving to the general program, your support will be used for the most urgent medical and economic development needs in Congo, right now.

Health Care

By working alongside our Congolese doctors, we can help save lives by building the local health care capacity.

Economic Development

Economic growth is key to changed lives. Support motivated entrepreneurs, revitalize agricultural development, and support bridge and road repairs so the local economy can thrive.

Karawa Coffee Project

Working with nearly 2,000 small-scale farmers, we seek to reduce extreme poverty, enhance food security, and develop sustainable agricultural practices through the revitalization of coffee production in northwest Congo.

Congo Clinic Initiative

Make a one time gift or consider committing to become a Congo Clinic Initiative partner, and raise the standard of healthcare by providing solar electricity, medicines, clean water, and more. Learn more here.

Congo Hospital Initiative

Through the Congo Hospital Initiative, you can support the four regional hospitals managed by our partners in Congo. Your gift will be used strategically according to the specific initiatives of each hospital: Karawa Hospital, Loko Hospital, Wasolo Hospital, and Bogose Nubea Hospital.

Medical Ambassadors

A key element to changed lives is the PCP Medical Ambassadors “training of the trainers” approach, which trains and equip local doctors and nurses in specific skills.

Nursing Education

Nurses are the backbone of Congo’s medical system. Keep hardworking students in school, support school resources, and change communities for generations to come.