Gather 2018: ECC Annual Meeting

Start date: June 21, 2018

End date: June 23, 2018

Location: Minneapolis, MN

<h1>Gather 2018: ECC Annual Meeting</h1>

The Annual Meeting is the Highest Legislative Session in the ECC.

Every congregation is entitled to representation as we worship God, celebrate what God has done, discern future direction, select leaders, consecrate missionaries, credential and ordain clergy, encourage one another to greater discipleship, make determinations around funding the mission, and hear about the challenges and opportunities in front of us. In it all, we get to meet new friends and strengthen old relationships.

CHIC 2018

Start date: July 15, 2018

End date: July 20, 2018

Location: University of Tennessee at Knoxville

<h1>CHIC 2018</h1>

CHIC (Covenant High In Christ) is the only conference that gathers students from throughout the Evangelical Covenant Church in one place for five days of worship, transformation, and fun. CHIC acts as a catalyst in students’ lives, helping them see the big picture of God’s kingdom and inspiring them to dive deeper in their faith–together. PCP will be sharing with students about global health issues, and specifically what healthcare is like for many people in Congo.

3rd Annual Brothers Biking for Congo

Start date: July 26, 2018

End date: August 1, 2018

<h1>3rd Annual Brothers Biking for Congo</h1>

Team BBC (Brothers Biking for Congo) will be riding over 300 miles through Michigan’s finest “Rails to Trails” bike paths to raise support for the Congo Clinic Initiative. Join the bike ride for a few days or a few miles. Contact Dennis Carlson for more details.

Paul Carlson Sunday

Date: November 4, 2018

<h1>Paul Carlson Sunday</h1>

On November 24th, 1964, Dr. Paul Carlson was martyred by Simba rebels in DR Congo.

Today, we invite you host a PCP Sunday on November 4 (or any Sunday!) to remember this missionary hero. Download materials, such as kids and family activities, liturgy, Congolese worship songs, and other items for your church service.