What does a bridge help you do?

Delivery bicycle 2 (sm)

Sell goods at the market


Go to school

Carrying Water (Small)

Carry water

PCP fridges going out for distribution- truck

Transport solar equipment

Mother & baby in hospital

Get to the hospital


Export coffee

When bridges are in good repair, we tend take them for granted. But deteriorating bridges threaten physical safety and economic security. In DR Congo, accidents on such bridges cause the loss of thousands of dollars’ worth of goods, and even loss of life.

Poor bridges cause many problems, some of which are:

  • hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods are destroyed in accidents

  • people lose their lives

  • farmers can’t get their goods to market

  • hospitals and clinics are more difficult to get to

  • access to schools is challenging

  • daily activities, such as carrying food, water, and palm oil, are risky and dangerous

But there is hope! 

People in Congo know that investing in repairing bridges and roads can make a significant economic impact for their communities, as well as provide access to schools, hospitals, and water sources.

And although twelve bridges have been replaced in the area, there are many more problematic and dangerous bridges that desperately need replacing or repairing. The Covenant Church of Congo would like to repair seven bridges between Karawa and Loko. This is a key national route that will increase transportation and provide better access to markets, ports, hospitals, clinics, and other facilities.


"If we look at our world through our eyes, we see suffering. But if we choose to look at our world through our faith in God, we see hope. These bridges give us hope that life can be better one day soon.” - Mr. Ngosse, son of the Transportation Minister of Congo

This is why our goal is to raise $60,000 by October 1, 2018, so we can build seven key bridges between Karawa and Loko.

Goal: $60,000 by October 1, 2018.

We can do this!

Explore the Bridge Repair Projects in Congo!

Blue = finished
Green = planned (pending funding)