Economic Development

We support the initiatives of local partners. Focusing on relational capacity building, we contribute to the development of projects, individuals, and organizations committed to sustaining growth. Agriculture and business professionals are invited to connect with us and our partners in Congo. Email

Our approach: Paul Carlson Partnership catalyzes development by getting behind the strong ideas of people who have demonstrated potential. We work to help people overcome the hurdles they face as they develop their farms and businesses.

Why: Motivated entrepreneurs have the greatest and longest lasting-impact on their communities. Even the most brilliant and determined face overwhelming roadblocks to starting and sustaining a small business in DR Congo. Together, we face these challenges with our partners and bring business growth and renewed hope to communities.

Sustainable progress in DR Congo depends on the success of local enterprises, including farms and small businesses. By supporting agriculture projects, we help farmers produce and sell more food. This helps individuals and families, stimulates the rural economy, and supplies struggling urban centers with food.



  • * Model – Experiences with, and connections to, successful small businesses in Africa
  • *Train – Ongoing personalized training and support opportunities
  • *Invest – Small business grants for individuals who demonstrate capacity



  • *Research – Improved seed and farming methods for micro-climates
  • *Train – Ongoing personalized training and support opportunities
  • *Resource – Grants of quality seed and tools
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