Power of the Blood

On Tuesday, September 26, approximately 5:00pm, the wife of a CEUM (Covenant Church of Congo) pastor went into shock and was hemorrhaging after a miscarriage at home. She was brought to a clinic, but the clinic nurse decided his only option was to send her to Bogose Nubea Hospital, 18 km away (approx. 11 miles). The only means of available transportation was a bicycle. After 2 kilometers of difficult travel and more blood loss, the Health Zone Administrator was returning by motorcycle from the dedication of the new Gilinga clinic. He saw the woman, stopped, and brought her quickly the [...] Read More

Change Is Visible

Excitement is palpable in the village of Bogose Nubea. Through our partnership with the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM), and with generous gifts and a long-term commitment from Crossview Covenant Church in North Mankato, Minnesota, changes at the Bogose Nubea Hospital are visible. A new staff house has been built, and solar lighting is up and running in the office, staff house, pharmacy, and throughout the hospital. A new pharmacy has been established and a nutrition center is helping families fight malnutrition. Developing clean water solutions is also underway. But amid this excitement and activity, the doctors didn't forget about [...] Read More

Women Lead the Way to Clean Water

Water is large part of many people’s lives in Congo. Every day, people wake up early to go to the nearest water source, often many miles away. This is especially the case for women and girls. Usually water is collected from a stream or river with murky but flowing water. Many communities have built small reservoirs in an attempt to make the water collection process easier, but this water is rarely clean. Animals use the water source, too, and spread disease. People sometimes bathe in the water source, not realizing they are contaminating the drinking water. Most of the communities supported [...] Read More

The Way to Clean Water

In almost every meeting we have with community leaders, doctors, and nurses in Congo, water issues take preeminence. Sadly, access to clean water remains a major problem. Most of Congo’s common childhood sicknesses could be avoided if children were drinking clean water. This is a problem that has no simple fix. Though it is possible to improve existing water sources and create new ones so that people have access to clean water, doing this rarely has sustainable outcomes. Pumps break and go un-repaired. Clean water gets contaminated. And, sometimes, people simply prefer their old water sources. This tends to be […]

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“Brothers Biking for Congo” Team Raises Over $10,000

Dennis Carlson, associate pastor of Faith Covenant Church in Farmington, MI, and his brother, Rod Carlson, participated in the 420-mile RAGBRAI XLIV, The (Des Moines) Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, to raise support for the Congo Clinic Initiative. Some 10,000 cyclists participated in the race, and in keeping with tradition, the race begins with bikers having their rear wheel in the Missouri river at Glenwood, Iowa, and ends with riders dipping their front tires in the Mississippi River at Muscatine. “My brother, Rod, from my hometown of San Jose, CA traded in his $25 garage sale mountain bike […]

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Refrigerators are Running

Refrigeration is an important element of rural healthcare in Congo for three main reasons. First, common vaccinations require refrigeration, and when strategically placed, it is possible for more children to receive vaccinations. Second, some important medicines need to be refrigerated. Without refrigeration, a care-provider is limited in what they can offer sick patients. Third, refrigerators are needed for blood blanks. Since some of the most common causes of death in northwestern Congo are anemia (caused by malaria) and blood loss, blood transfusions are often needed.  With the funding provided by CCI partners, we have been able to order a large […]

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The Whole Gospel in Congo

“My dream is for the holistic salvation of souls.” This is the vision President Jules Mboka has for the CEUM (the Covenant Church of Congo). In the first year of his second term as the leader of this large church community, President Mboka has a well-developed sense of what holistic salvation means and how lives can be changed. At Paul Carlson Partnership, we have been learning a lot from President Mboka, and we are overjoyed to partner with him and the church he leads on this path towards holistic salvation. But what is “holistic salvation” and how is PCP involved […]

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Visiting Anne Marie

by Dr. Jim Walker, PCP Medical Ambassador Last year, we learned about Anne Marie Magolo Zuku, a nurse at the IPOK Clinic near Gemena. She had attended a Medical Ambassador course called Bleeding After Birth which trains doctors and nurses how to manage bleeding complications after delivery. A PCP video told this story. On Sunday, April 19, 2016, a Medical Ambassadors team visited Anne Marie at IPOK again. As we toured her medical center, we met a young mother and her two day old boy. The woman’s husband is a nurse at a NGO clinic that provides care for albinos. […]

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Local Doctors Start New Center to Fight Malnutrition

DR Congo is bursting with life. Its rich forests are filled with fruits and roots that people have eaten for centuries. The country has historically been a place of great agricultural production, home to a number of major plantations. PCP is honored to have supported many agriculture projects over the years and we are encouraged by the great work our Congolese partners are doing in this area. Yet in some areas malnutrition remains a major problem. This is true of the area around the Bogose Nubea hospital. For a long time, the hospital has been ill-equipped to do much about […]

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Couples for Congo Dinner & Dance

Highrock Acton Covenant Church in Acton, MA recently held a dinner and dance as a fundraiser for their support of the Kanana Clinic, through the Congo Clinic Initiative. Pastor Will Barnett says, “We had about 75 people attend and raised a $1,000. Mostly folks were from our church or one of our network congregations, but we had several people invite family or friends from the community. We were also able to raffle off items contributed from a number of local businesses. It was a great community-building, partner-building, invitational event while raising awareness and investment in the Congo Clinic Initiative. We’ll definitely do […]

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